Vixen Chat: Marni Senofonte Styles Monica, Recommends Spring Fashion Trends


VIBE VIXEN: I’m so glad I was able to catch you! Now, let’s just start off with how you got into fashion styling.
MARNI: Truth be told, Misa Hylton-Brim. I was working at Norma Komali, the clothing store, and Misa used to always come in and shop for SWV and Total and all these people. We just formed a relationship, and it was funny because she got pregnant with her second baby, right after she had Justin, and needed help. I was helping her out with a Total video, so truly Misa took me from Norma Komali.

So she was like your mentor through that.
She was my mentor in the sense that we didn’t even really know this was a job.

You didn’t think it would be a career?
I had no idea. I doubled majored in entertainment law and film; that was my double major up in Boston. I started working for Norma Komali because she had all these fashion films, and it kinda married to my favorite things. So, the progression into styling for music videos was certainly guided by God because I got to be around music, be around fashion, be around film. It kinda organically became a career, one that I never knew of.

And ever since you’ve been all in.
I helped Misa out while she was pregnant right up until she gave birth to her baby, but I was still working at Norma Komali. Then, Lauryn Hill saw something that I did and tracked me down and and it was Salt-N-Pepa and Lauryn Hill. Like, I literally left Norma Komali and Salt-N-Pepa it went on their last tour. It was kinda crazy. It was funny because they were doing a cover shoot for Us magazine, and they wouldn’t get dressed. Marvet [Britto] knew Norma Komali, and I was in Norma’s PR department, so I brought over each one of them an outfit, never knowing that you had to bring racks and racks of clothing. I brought Sandy something, Cheryl something, Spin something and they loved it. It was on the cover, then they’re like, ‘Come work on the tour!’ I was so young, so I left Norma Komali, went on the road with Naughty by Nature and Salt-N-Pepa. It was the most fun I ever had in my whole life. That was the beginning of the best stories. From there, I went straight to Lauryn Hill, and I was heavy with Lauryn Hill for years.

All of Lauryn’s solo stuff?
Yes, then I did the reunion.

I think it was the BET awards.
They opened up. I did Lauryn when she had the mushroom haircut, the high waist thing, the white shirt and the big bow.

Dope I remember that vividly. Now, recently “It All Belongs To Me” dropped. How long have you been styling Monica, specifically?
I love Monica, but our schedules are always off! I did Monica’s last video which was “Everything To Me,” and that was like almost a year ago. Then I did spot scenes here and there with her, but I did this last video with her and a Jay Leno performance. Whenever I can, I try to do whatever I can for her cause I love that.

Is Monica pretty straight-forward when it comes to what she likes?
You know what? Monica is open. What I love about her is she totally trusts me, and we get so excited when we work together. She’s like, ‘Do you. Even if she doesn’t understand something, she’ll try it on and be like, ‘Oh I get it,’ which is what I love about her. Even though she has specific ideas of what she thinks is good for her body type, she’ll always give you a chance.

She lets you be creative.
And she appreciates it and enjoys it so much that it’s always fun with her. She’ll look at me sideways and be like, ‘I don’t know,’ then she’ll put it on and she’ll be like, ‘Okay, Marni.’ [Laughs] Really the treatment didn’t even call for the fashion, not at the level that we really came with.