Vixen Chat: Marni Senofonte Styles Monica, Recommends Spring Fashion Trends


Did you work closely with Brandy’s stylist to come up with what they would wear together on-screen?
Well what we would do, we had a conversation before and we came up with the black leather, the really strong and powerful look for where they come out of the house and blow up the car. So, it wasn’t like we planned it all out but it kinda all came together. It looked like we shopped together, but we didn’t.

When Monica goes into her verse, she almost has a menswear aesthetic. Where did that concept come from?
Well we were toying. I had the Tom Ford tuxedo pants, which are like everything [laughs]! We originally were thinking, Oh, they’re side-by-side, there could be a tuxedo look, but we were running out of time  so we didn’t get to shoot them in both. Actually the tuxedo thing, we were gonna do for Clive Davis event. It was such a hot look, and it so suits her because she’s a lady and a boss. She’s a badass, so every little bit of her personality was in all of the outfits. It was a little representation of the kind of woman she is and Brandy as well.

Which pieces did you love the most?
Well, I love the tuxedo look cause it was like the Tom Ford pants and the Dolce and Gabbana shirt. And I loved the Balmain look. That’s my shirt actually [laughs].

Sacrifices in fashion! [Laughs] Who designed the gowns?
That Monica pink gown? That sheer one? It’s Wesley Nault. I love him. He’s really, really super amazing. We did a Halston one-shoulder with a big Lanvin necklace, kind of grown and sleek and sexy. You didn’t get to see much of it, but there was a cute little fur moment by Rick Owens. I think it’s when she cuts his tie.

Vixens really raved about the fashion, so what stores would be the best to visit and try to recreate it?
Honestly, Zara is such an amazing store! It looks conservative, but there’s so many interesting pieces between Zara and TopShop. It’s like Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony’s price point is a little bit higher than Zara’s and the TopShop, but you can always find some new and edgy designers who kinda resemble those really, really expensive designers. Their turnover is so quick between Zara, Forever 21 and H&M and they’re so on pulse of these quick turnover fashions that once you see something, they’ve knocked it off already so it’s better to go there and try to find these looks that we may not be able to afford.

Let me tell you something, I shop there regularly, and there’s a whole slew of things you would never think came from Zara that are in these videos or on these girls. It’s like taking that as their canvas and embellishing it yourself. You know, adding rhinestones or spikes or studs to give it that extra oomph.

Mixing is kinda like the key to styling high-end stuff anyway. Now with spring approaching, what three specific items do you feel a girl should have for the spring?
For spring? Well, obviously, pastels. I love the mint greens and the baby pinks and the light lilacs, so definitely some pastels. Definitely a wedged sneaker. I think everybody has knocked off the Isabel Marant wedged sneaker, but there’s so many companies who did a cute little wedged sneaker, so it’ll be cute and fun. The last? A hot pair of sunglasses. I always think every spring to get a fresh pair of sunglasses.

Nice! You’ve style a lot of people thus far in your career. Which female celebrity are you dying to get your hands?
Truthfully, I think it’s Gwen Stefani. Because a lot of my girls, like Cassie and Ciara, our styles are so similar, so they can come over and shop out of my closet. I feel the same way about Gwen, but the thing about Gwen is she’s a little bit older and a little more established. There’s something about Gwen, from when she started to now, like the evolution of her. I feel like I would be shopping for myself; I think it would be so much fun. Like, it’s kinda reminiscent of Lauryn. I had so much fun with Lauryn because it was everything I wished I could get [for myself]. I would make a pair of denim gauchos and she would appreciate it, and I would like fuck with all this Adidas stuff and turn it into all this other stuff and she would wear it. So it’s kinda like I live vicariously through Gwen Stefani and Lauryn Hill.