Mary Mary Previews New Reality Show in NYC

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For Mary Mary, their new self-titled We tv reality show is just another way to inspire. The Grammy Award-winning gospel duo held a premiere party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City this week, and Vixen was on the scene to celebrate the occasion.

Sisters Tina and Erica Campbell are letting viewers inside of the their personal and professional lives like never before with Mary Mary. In the show’s series premiere, viewers will get to see the sisters bump heads, prepare for performances, interact with their husbands and raise their children. Surrounding one of the duo’s biggest performances to date, Tina and Erica struggle to balance their work with their families while keeping level heads and positive attitudes.

One point of drama that is already shaping up is the tension between Mitchell, Tina and Erica’s manager, and Goo, the group’s stylist and sister. With business to be handled and family ties in between, these two will undoubtedly bring character and entertainment to the show. Erica’s pregnancy will also take center stage, as she battles keeping her baby healthy and being proactive with the group’s upcoming tour.

Though the Campbell sisters know they can possibly face scrutiny from the show by people who may judge them based on their faith, they see the show as a way to send a positive message.

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