VV Digital Issue March 2012: Melanie Fiona, The Heartbreaker


Now, fast forward a little bit to fashion. What’s the story on the rings you always wear?
I actually acquired all three of the rings I was wearing – one as a birthday gift, one of them was my grandmother’s ring and the other one was my mom’s. I just love them, and they’re dainty and they’re small and they all just kinda fit my style as to where I’m at right now. But for sentimental value, they are my everything; they’re my love, they’re my legacy and they’re my family. When I was on the Alicia Keys tour in 2010, I was in Ireland and my grandmother actually passed away. It was a hard blow for me to take because I was very close to my grandmother, very close to my family, and I couldn’t get [home]. There were no flights that would get me out and get me back in time to do the next show, and I had to miss my grandmother’s funeral. I had to miss being with my family,  just had to be grieving on the road and it was really difficult. You know, my grandmother was a very simple woman. She was all about her family, her children and her grandchildren, so when I came back, I had missed everything but my aunt gave [this ring] to me, and I was really moved by it.

It really is your walking story. It’s your heritage with you all the time.
And your hands are such a huge part of who you are.

When do you feel you’re sexiest?
Are we talking inside or outside? [Laughs]

[Laughs] Either one.
I would say I feel sexiest when I’m inside of my house. My hair is down, I have no makeup on, I’m listening to music, I’m burning incense and I’m in my place. It’s just me here, I’m just listening to my music and… I’m just here. Now if there’s someone else with me, then I might feel a little sexier [laughs]!

Now how long did it take you to feel that sexy inside your own skin?
I think I’m still finding it. I think, as women, we continue to evolve and find it. It even becomes as materialistic as you finding the perfect pair of shoes and just putting them on. I think it’s always a process, and I think you have to be able to find the sexy everywhere. You really have to find the sexy when you feel the ugliest, so I feel like it’s a constant evolution. It surely did not happen until I went through the process of getting my heart broken and rebuilding and getting out there and really developing myself into who I am right now. All the things that shape that.

Today, in this very moment, where are you? Physically, emotionally, mentally… where is Melanie Fiona?
I am in a place of excitement and optimism and really being an open vessel to experience everything that life is throwing at me – good, bad, happy, sad, everything. I tattooed this thing on my hand called and it says “Live On Purpose,” and I’m really doing my best to live on that. Do everything with purpose, make decisions, own them, own who I am and be proud of that. I just feel like I’m getting stronger everyday. I’m just ready for whatever life is gonna throw at me, just bring it on.



Photography: Briana E. Heard
Styling: Tiffany Hasbourne and Sheenen Zee
Hair and Makeup: Mann Nance (Enjoy Professional Hair Care and Make-Up Forever)