Mike Epps Comments on Threats to His Daughter: ‘I Love Bria’

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After Mike Epps’ daughter, Bria, released an audio recording of him threatening her and calling her hateful names, the comedian expressed that he stills loves his daughter, regardless.

Bria recorded and released the phone conversation online where Epps called her “the devil” and a “disrespectful bitch.” He also threatened to “fuck her up” and “whoop her ass.” Following their father-daughter phone exchange, Bria filed a police report against the Next Friday star.

Epps caught up with TMZ outside of one of his comedy shows where he was asked about the huge blow
up between him and his daughter. “I love my daughter, but sometimes fathers and daughters have
disagreements. It’s hard being a dad, especially a dad of a teenager…I still love her though. Love you

Mike Epps is currently on his “I’m Still Standing” comedy tour and is a star of the highly anticipated
movie remake Sparkle with Jordin Sparks and the late Whitney Houston. –Johnathan Cruse