Mike Epps’ Daughter Says He Threatened ‘To F*ck Her Up’

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Drama never seems to end when it comes to families in the spotlight. TMZ reports that Mike Epps’ daughter, Bria Epps, filed a police report with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department claiming he threatened her.

It allegedly began after Mike’s visit to the The Wendy Williams Show where he shouted out two of his children but failed to mention Bria, his daughter from a previous relationship. The 18-year-old felt a certain way about it and confronted her father. The argument got heated and Bria threatened to “air out some family drama.” According to the police report Mike responded by saying he was going to “f*ck her up” and “cause her and her mother and her grandmother problems.”

Sources close to Mike say the tension allegedly began when Bria asked her father for a lump sum of cash to pay for college. Mike wanted to pay the school directly and refused to give her the money and that’s the true moment when Bria went crazy.

No official comment has been released from Mike’s team yet.

Who do you think is at fault in this situation?