The New Apple iPad and the 5 Other Must-Have Tech Items of 2012


What are you doing reading this right now? Aren’t you supposed to be watching the clock? Or, keeping an eye on the UPS website? Or, better yet, chasing the mailman down the street and asking him why he doesn’t have a package for you? As of this very moment, you are less than 24 hours away from getting your hands on the new iPad—and man it must be hard for you to wait! Every truck beep-beep-beeping outside has you running to door and panting like a dog as the thoughts of an iPad screen with 2048 x 1536 resolution and A5X quad-core graphics dance through your little head. You probably haven’t been this excited since that time your girlfriend told you she was coming home from work early and promised you that when she got home she’d…oh, sorry. You’re distracted enough. We won’t go there.

Anyway, we know a lot of you out there love tech. And we know you’re foaming at the mouth waiting on your new iPad. So we wanted to do something to help you keep your mind off it. Chances are, you’re about to spend your whole weekend playing with the thing, so you might as well do something else while you wait. So to keep you occupied until your new iPad arrives, we decided to put together a list of 5 other must-haves tech items that have dropped so far in 2012. Check them out while you wait. Might as well do something productive today, right? And, who knows? You might even end up finding something else you need in your life, too.—Chris Yuscavage

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