New Video: Usher “Climax”


Usher lets his emotions get the best of him in his newest video “Climax.”

The latest visual offering for the track off his upcoming album places Usher in a difficult position as he battles heartbreak.

With back and forth shots of a passionate romance, he reminisces on a lost love while he sits in his car contemplating his next move. Gun in tow, he lurks outside his ex-girlfriend’s house and watches her with another man.

When he reaches his climax and things seem to get a little too intense, he runs into the house and a shot is fired before he dashes back to his car to flee the scene. But, before anything is concrete, we’re sent back to shots of him reflecting in his car which makes it unclear whether he really killed someone or merely just imagined it.

Did he do it? Did he not? Man Ush, you should’ve just let it burn. –Jazmine Gray

Check out Usher’s “Climax” video below.

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