New Videos: DJ Rob Swift/Roc Raida, The Cranberry Show & KA


The Cranberry Show – Cinema

New to the scene is the Wisconsin (yes, that Wisconsin) based duo of Arcane and Young Focus. They once answered the question of how does their music sound with this: “The sound of unicorns masturbating”. Outside of the wild answers, these guys are pure talent, they make their own beats and have a visual presentation game that rivals the major players out here. Download their Paranormal Karaoke album.

DJ Rob Swift – Roc For Raida

The X-Ecutioner DJ crew, known for their incredible turntablist skills, honor their fallen solider Grandmaster Roc Raida with an album that pulls together rare interviews, performances and routines dedicated to the musicial genius. Spearheaded by X-Ecutioner leader, DJ Rob Swift, captures the essence of the man behind the wheels that inspired the DJ/turntablist culture with his bare hands. The project’s proceeds go to Raida’s family and brings light to an art form that must carry on his legacy to take the DJing community to the next level. Pick up the album Roc For Raida here.

KA – Decisions

Some of you out there might remember KA from the group Natural Elements from the underground market some years ago. These days KA is doing it on his own by self producing his music and directing his own videos. “Decisions” finds KA questioning the very things that we all ask ourselves from time to time. How would you answer some of these themes? Check his album Grief Pedigree and be on the look out for his collab project with Roc Marci.

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