Nicki Minaj Meets the Real Harajuku Barbies: “The Japanese Barbz Got Yall BEAT!”

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Nicki Minaj’s first time in Japan is opening her eyes to another level of Barbiez. From her Twitter account, the HBIC has been sending updates on her travels to the Far East.

@Nicki Minaj Just got off stage. I’m so sorry TMUS, the Japanese barbz got yall BEAT!!!! Energy on a TRILLION. Lmao

Barbz, they melted my heart. I told them how much they remind me of you guys and they started screaming. I’m obsessed w/their souls.

Whenever I say Harajuku Barbie they erupt. Its like…I can’t take it. Jamaica, Queens to Tokyo yo…like da kid been shoutin dem out 4ever!

God is above & beyond all that you can conceive w/your natural mind. I thank him. Thank you Jesus. You are LORD.