Nicki Minaj Named New Face of Pepsi


As if hit records, nail polish and make-up deals were not enough, Nicki Minaj continues to build her empire as the new face of Pepsi. The household soda beverage–that has inked successful deals in the past with some of music’s megastars including Britney Spears and Beyoncé–joined forces with the mogul rapstress in a multimillion-dollar commitment that proves she’s far from fizzing out. The partnership also includes a commercial shot in South America that will set the stage for her debut with the brand.

“You’ll see the commercial probably in the next two months,” Derek Jackson, the Glu agency chief who brokered the deal, said. “That’ll be a segue into a new beverage Pepsi, has called ‘Pop,’ and she’ll be the face of the brand…it’s going to be explosive.”

Soda deals seem to run in the Young Money family. Lil Wayne introduced his DEWeezy campaign with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew during his showcase at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin. Drake is known for obeying his thirst with Sprite.

Although terms of Minaj’s seven-figure agreement have not been fully disclosed, Weezy’s deal includes a possible film that will feature the rapper. Regardless of the conditions, the commercial will follow on the heels of Minaj’s album release Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded due April 3 meaning more money in the bank.

Watch a grainy, unofficial snippet below: