The Notorious BIG’s 15 Most Cinematic Verses


This is a difficult one. Anything related to the Notorious B.I.G. has to be immaculate and without flaw ‘cause that little piece of cyberspace is bound to be scrutinized and criticized for eternity. So just in time for BIG’s 15th year anniversary VIBE presents his 15 most cinematic verses.

This was no easy task. The man was the rap Alfred Hitchcock. What’s left to be said about how descriptive he could be in just a few lines? Sure Slick Rick and them were some storytellers but BIG spit crime novels laced with drugs and double crosses like his nom de plume was Nicolas Pileggi. He was more like a Kool G. Rap (who is no slouch ether telling stories) but somehow more worldly and dare we say somehow more believable?

At the heart of even BIG’s grizzliest scene was a joke. No other rappers ever dared to “dress up like ladies and kill em with thirty 380s…” Or when he punctuated another story with a car getting towed for parking near a hydrant. Funny stuff, no?

Anyway, enough with the preliminaries… we’re going to go through this list of Biggie’s 15 most cinematic verses. You should too if you knew what this list could mean to you. –J. Pablo

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