Obama Predicts Chicago Bulls Will Win Championship Before He Leaves Office

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In a recent conversation with Bill Simmons on The B.S. Report, President Obama predicted that the Chicago Bulls would win the championship and visit the white house before he left office.

Simmons started the conversation by comparing Jeremy Lin’s fame to Obama’s. He said that Lin is a talented player but he and the Knicks aren’t really a threat to his Bulls.

“I’m not worried Obama. If you look at what has been happening with the Bulls, even with [Derrick] Rose out, even with [Luol] Deng out, they’ve still got one of the best records in the league. That is a well-coached team.” 

Simmons eventually asked how Obama felt about welcoming other teams to the White House in case the Bulls didn’t win but the Pres was confident about his hometown team taking the title.

“It hasn’t happened, but it will happen,” Obama said. “Somewhere along the line my Bulls are going to come through.”

Start wagering your bets!