Odd Future vs. Joey Bada$$ on MTV’s RapFix Live


The jokes were flying as ruckus raising rap troop Odd Future were asked to give their opinion on new Brooklyn, NY rapper Joey Bada$$ of the underground crew Progressive Era on MTV.com’s weekly live show RapFix Live. Host Rob Markman (sitting in for regular host Sway) did his best to conduct a somewhat controlled conversation regarding the visuals and style of Joey’s new video single “Survival Tactics” featuring his Pro Era comrade, Capital Steez.


Once the snippet of the video played and the Skype screen showed Joey Bada$$, Odd Future’s wilder member, Left Brain blurted out, “You ugly” to the up-start rapper. Joey, swift on his snap back game retorted with “You ugly…you look like Squidward’s House!” Left Brain continued to shout back, “Everybody says that! Find a new joke, it’s called suck my d*#k!” After the exchange of funny quips the conversation switches gears a bit to the more laid back MC of Odd Future and arguably one of the best teenage rappers around in Earl Sweatshirt saying, “You can rap.” But soon the snaps reignite and all hell breaks loose.


It’s good to see artists not take themselves so seriously and bug out in front of the people every now and then. Let’s hope that this meeting of talent can go beyond the cracks and into the studio, as both crews are talented and about to change the game.


Peep the madness: