Oprah Responds to Criticism for Bobbi Kristina Interview

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After Oprah’s intimate interview with Whitney Houston’s family in light of the singer’s untimely death, the famed talk show host has come under a bit of scrutiny. Some dissenters claim that the timing of the interview was insensitive, while other say it was a ploy to boost ratings on her OWN network.

TMZ caught up with Oprah to ask how she felt the interview had gone. “I think it went really well. I think people really responded,” she said. “The whole country now, got to see how she feels and what she’s going through, and I think it went really well.”

Upon hearing about the criticisms, the media mogul seemed shocked. She responded calmly and adamantly, stating that her intentions were indeed pure.

“I don’t look at the criticism. I just move through life doing what I do, I do it with the best intentions, I do it with the intention to be a force for something that’s good, for something that’s right [and] inspirational,” Oprah continued. “And if people don’t like it, that’s okay, because I’m really just trying to do what I do best. And I’m always having the best and good in mind. If people don’t get that, that’s okay.”

Simply put, Oprah’s letting the haters hate. — Iyana Robertson