Pharrell’s New Artist Buddy Releases “Staircases” With Kendrick Lamar


Just when you thought Pharrell was too far out of space to be connected to the happenings of new talented rappers, he surprises the masses with Buddy, a young, Compton spitta with a laid back flair. Emerging from the underground with a trademark Neptunes jazzy live beat, Buddy shares the “Staircases” track with fellow Compton verse killer, Kendrick Lamar. Both rap wonders around the track and leave you craving for more, but we’ll have to wait for Buddy’s new upcoming project Idle Time for more hotness. Take a listen to “Staircases”:

Buddy dropped this vid last year to little fan fare, but you can clearly see that this kid was readying for primetime. He’s at ease in this clip while floating through his hood. It’s going to be fun watching the youngster rep for this new era of Compton hip-hop.

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