Prosecutor Says George Zimmerman May Walk in Trayvon Martin Case


As we get further into the Trayvon Martin murder case—an incident that left a seventeen-year old dead and his killer still not convicted—the lead prosecutor says convicting George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch shooter, could prove difficult.

As ABC News reports, veteran State Attorney Angela Corey said in a statement, “The stand-your-ground law is one portion of justifiable use of deadly force. The state must go forward and be able to prove it’s case beyond a reasonable doubt, so it makes the case in general more difficult than a normal criminal case.”

The controversial law allows those in the area where the it exists to use deadly force if they feel their life is seriously endangered. According to Zimmerman’s lawyer Craig Sonner, Zimmerman pulled the trigger because he claims “one of them was going to die that night.”

Now that the case is being deemed a possible hate crime, Angela Corey states, “It would depend on which charge if any we’re able to file. Before we would be able to determine, one, if this is a hate crime, and two, whether or not that would enhance the crime.”

While investigation in the case is being conducted now, charges may not be filed for weeks, if they’re even charged at all.—Keenan Higgins