Quincy Apparel Launches New Site for Tall, Curvy Women


If you ever found yourself running around different malls looking for a boyfriend-fit blazer for professional occasions, your search may be over.

Today, Quincy Apparel launched a new website that features tailored clothing for tall and curvy women, where size is measured by hip to waist ratios, height and bust–three parts of woman’s body said to cause the most frustration when trying to find the perfect fit.

Focusing on shape rather than size, Quincy founders Alex Nelson and Christina Wallace dedicated their line of work to “bringing the chic back to the work world.” Although tall and curvy women were the inspiration for the line, petite sizes are offered too.

Quincy blazers are available for purchase now at quincyapparel.com. Blouses and dresses are to come next month, while the brand’s pants and skirts debut this summer.


Check out the blazers that launched today after the jump!


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