Rapper-Singer FAME Talks Rockstar Style and Top Stylish Men of Hip-Hop


As I prepared for an interview with rap’s latest golden child, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had seen and heard of FAME, but working in an industry where personal style is traded in for a team of stylists and designer labels, I wasn’t sure if the the image I had been sold was one that was real. Quickly, I learned that the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper was well matured beyond his years and in control of both his music and his image. Not only did FAME assure me that he was ready to take the rap game by storm, he made it clear that in an industry where it takes more than good music to reach fame and fortune, he was destined to achieve just that.

Born to a single mother in the heart of East Brooklyn, his story is similar to New York rappers before him. But having spent time living in Los Angeles and traveling around the world, his eye for fashion leads many to believe that he is today’s generations’ music and fashion phenom, like Biggie was to the 90s and Kanye was to the millennium. With an ear for music that is on par with his sense of style, it’s no wonder the young artist caught the attention of music execs and signed a deal to MBK Entertainment, quickly launching a career that shows no signs of slowing down. With appearances on 106 & Park, a spot on the BET Music Matters Tour and his latest mixtape Hybrid Season 2 scheduled to drop this year, FAME is not only catching the attention of rap fans, but the eyes of fashion executives, editors and young females.

Once unheard of in the world of rap, FAME (with his unique mix of R&B and rap) wants his turn to prove to the world exactly where his music and style fits in. He sat down with VIBE Vixen to tell us more about the artist, the music and the wardrobe.

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