Respect ME: 5 Reasons We Want to See Missy Elliott Make a Comeback Right Now


Missy Elliott back! Er, sort of. Late last week, J. Cole dropped his new video for his single, “Nobody’s Perfect,” featuring Missy, and—wouldn’t you know—the Virginia-born rapper made several appearances throughout the course of the visual. And then, over the weekend, Timbaland performed at the VIBE House/ Breeding Ground SXSW Showcase and debuted a brand-new Missy track for the crowd. So while we wouldn’t necessarily say that Missy’s “back” just yet, she’s made more noise in the last few days than she has in the last few years combined.

And, what does that mean? Well, it means that the world is ready to see Missy make a true comeback. It’s been almost seven years since she released her last proper solo album, The Cookbook (as a point of reference, we’d like to point out that Mike Jones made an appearance on that album), and, frankly, we’re tired of sitting around and waiting for new Missy music to drop. So rather than allowing this moment that Missy’s having to pass her by, we decided to come up with a list of the 5 reasons we want to see Missy Elliott make a comeback right now. Whatdda say, Missy? Can you still “Work It”?—Chris Yuscavage

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