Ricky Rozay Wins the Rights to “Rick Ross” Name in Court

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Rick Ross has legally won the name game.

According to TMZ, an L.A. County Superior Court judge shut down the bid from former drug dealer “Freeway” Rick Ross who filed a suit against the Teflon Don for ownership of the name. This is the second time the rapper has won in the court of law after a $10 million federal trademark infringement lawsuit from November 2010.

Earlier ruling states that Freeway Rick Ross could not legally trademark his name due to his “illegal” habits, forcing him to refile in the California Superior Court. Today’s verdict maked the end of the five-year suit.

Many references from Rozay’s songs suggest that the rap moniker was strongly influenced by Freeway who claims that the former corrections officer had his hand in “other” ventures.

Despite what the drug-dealing Ross says, the judge ruled that Freeway had no case and tossed the lawsuit out…like a bawse. –Adelle Platon