Is Rihanna Making Late Night Visits to Ashton Kutcher?

Here’s a potential hookup we didn’t see coming! Above is a picture of Rihanna leaving dinner with best friend Melissa at Giorgio Baldi’s in Santa Monica, shorty before allegedly heading to Ashton Kutcher’s crib—where she allegedly spent four “off-the-record” hours. 

According to various reports, a photographer on the scene clocked Rih arriving at Ashton’s crib around 12:00 AM and not leaving until sometime around 4:00 AM While she isn’t a stranger to interracial dating (See: Shia LaBeouf, Josh Hartnett), this story conflicts with reports that Rih may be trying to link back up with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. New day, new story in the life of Rihanna.—Keenan Higgins