Love or Loath? Rihanna’s New Cross Tattoo


Rihanna’s added more ink to her body canvas. A small red cross now sits along her collarbone, and from the tattoo artists’ words, the little symbol may not be all that bright. According to The Inquisitr, popular NYC inker Bang Bang says, ““We cut the color with water, so it’ll end up being light — like the “rebelle” tattoo on her neck… She loved it… She always flips out [when it’s done] and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car.”

Prior to her latest art, the giddy 23-year-old inked her hands with “Thug Life,” a glow in the dark-lettered homage to Tupac. And she shows no signs of curbing her addiciton to the needle.
Vixens, do you love or loathe?