SMH: Chris Brown’s Boo Karrueche Tran Poses With Pound of Weed


Since making her relationship with Chris Brown official, Karrueche Tran has been a hot topic of speculation.  It seems like she’s following the road paved by popular girlfriend-turned-pop-icon Amber Rose, who parleyed her relationship with Kanye West into endorsement deals and a reality TV pilot.

According to the unofficial famous girlfriend handbook, there is no such thing as bad attention, so get it how you live.

Case in point, pictures leaked of the beautiful 20-something posing with a pound of high-grade marijuana.  The picture shows Karrueche holding the bag of weed up to camera, making sure everyone knows she smokes well.

Questions will arise considering Chris Brown’s consistent erratic behavior. No one wants another talented, young pop-star fall because of the company they keep.

Hopefully, Karrueche was just playing and she continues to help Chris Brown heal his broken heart instead of enabling his seemingly immature behavior.