Snooki’s Ex-Boyfriend Explains “Miscarriage” Statement: ‘I Just Hope The Test Was Wrong’

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Snooki’s former beau Emillio Masella wants to set the record straight about his statements regarding the Jersey Shore star’s pregnancy!

Though it was reported yesterday that Masella said he hoped for Snooki to miscarry, he’s now clarifying that he really just hopes she isn’t actually pregnant.

“What I meant by the statement was that I hope she doesn’t have the child,” he told TMZ.  “I just hope the test was wrong … I think she’s too young. I don’t think this kid is in it for her.”

The disgruntled Masella also mentioned that he’d have to cut all ties.”If she’s pregnant with this kid I guess I can’t associate with her.”

Tisk. Tisk.  – Jazmine Gray