Spring Cleaning Tips for Organizing Your Closet


It’s time to do some spring cleaning, ladies! Before you know it, the temperatures will be rising and there will be sunny days more often. All the sweaters and coats in your closet will be replaced with short sleeve tops and dresses.

Now, we aren’t all blessed with a walk in closet or a closet room, but we still can keep our clothing sanctuaries organized and spacious.

Here are some tips to get fix a packed closet and turn it into a more functional space.

Give Away A Few Things

Are you really going to wear your prom dress again? Are you really going to wear those dresses that are two sizes too small for you now? Sometimes we like to hold on to everything in our closets, but there is always something you could get rid of to make space for new things.

When you are thinking about removing things from your closet, you could donate clothes to a local charity, Good Will, or keep the extras for a swapping clothing party with your friends.

Think Outside the Box

Some of our closets are so small that it can only hold a little bit of this or that. Get creative and use the space under your bed as a place to store shoes as well as clothes in bins. Don’t be afraid to put some hooks on your walls to hang up your bags and jackets.

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