Swizz Beatz Talks New Alicia Keys Album: “She’s Working on a Timeless Piece”


Swizz Beatz glowed like a proud husband when he referred to his wife’s upcoming album as “timeless” to Angie Martinez (via Rap-Up).

“The topics that she’s speaking about are super deep and from the heart, and to me what music has been missing,” Swizz said. “It’s the thing that makes us special as an artist. I tell her, ‘Yo, I’m proud of you because you’re making timeless pieces.’”

This will be the first album Keys has released since 2009’s The Element of Freedom. Last year she dropped a re-release of Songs In A Minor, for which she had an album signing in SoHo, NYC shortly after the BET Awards.

Aside from hubby Swizz, the singer’s been in the studio with Pop & Oak and, of course, Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, who has co-written and co-produced many songs on Alicia’s previous albums.

According to Swizz, the project could drop very soon.

“It’s showtime,” he said. “She’s moving faster than people think. She’s tightening the bolts.” —Stephanie Long