Synthetic vs. Human Hair: Which Is Best?


Team Synthetic Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen said she uses human hair on her clients but has no problem using synthetic hair from time to time, especially curly textures.

“The best curly hair comes in synthetic form,” says Ursula. “Wearing a synthetic wig is a good investment in between weaves because it helps cut the cost of you spending so much money on your hair.”

There are styling limitations to using synthetic hair so it’s important to be conscious of the amount of heat that’s applied. You also can’t brush it too much. “Heated rollers are great for styling and you should wash the hair in warm water and let it air dry,” Ursula says.

I’m open to using either hair texture depending on the style that I want and the amount of care that I’m willing to dedicate to maintenance. I know that my synthetic hair needs a little oil sheen and good paddle brush to help me tame curls and I know that for bouncy human hair I should stray from heavy oils and let it flow. In my opinion, all is fair in wigs and weave.

What’s your take on the human hair vs. synthetic hair debate? Do you prefer one over the other?

-Margaret Francois


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