Tami and Evelyn: Does the Drama Ever End?


Every time I see a bit of “Basketball Wives” or hear a new detail about the members of the cast I keep wondering when Shaunie is going to pull Tami and Evelyn aside and say thanks for paying my bills for the past three seasons, but ya’ll need real help. These two are the epitome of the mean girls your parents tell you not to pay any mind to in high school because they’ll grow up to be nothing, except thanks to the reality TV trend and VH1 they’ve managed to become something I suppose, just nothing worth bragging about.

On last night’s episode of the show, Tami and Evelyn essentially pulled an in-person version of three-way—something most women haven’t done since they were in fact in high school—and tried to catch Kenya up in lies about not defending the cast members on a radio show. Being the mean girls that they are, they’d already talked about her actions and come up with a plot to trap Kenya but tried to play like everything was brand new when they met her in person. It was the type of childish behavior that would have Tami going upside someone else’s head and calling them out their name but apparently is OK for her to do. As we see by the end of the show, Evelyn clearly intends to descend her wrath upon Kenya from here on out, and of course by next week she’ll be trying to fight her, or at least hit her upside the head with a bottle of wine.

Half of me wants to give Tami a break because it’s so obvious what her issues are. On the episode when she met with her therapist and talked about being raped, it was clear she’s never gotten over the anger of those situations and even when Royce told her she should give Kesha a chance, she said something along the lines of why should I care about anybody else, nobody cares about me. My advice to Tami? Stick with therapy. She’ll never respect anybody else until she deals with those feelings of betrayal and if she does she might just have a chance of making it because when she’s not calling someone a bish, bish, and more bish, Tami’s actually sort of likeable.