Tami and Evelyn: Does the Drama Ever End?


Evelyn, on the other hand, I don’t know what this chick’s problem is. I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s just stank—point blank period. She thinks she’s the business and she has no problem trying to rain on anybody else’s parade, which obviously includes her friends. I get that Shaunie wants to collect a paycheck but at some point I’d have to let Evelyn know, look, you’re too much drama on a day to day. It’s not enough that Evelyn has to turn every outing into a catfight, but to ruin the birthday of someone you call a friend because you can’t hold your liquor and want to come off as the baddest of them all in front of Jen who is so not thinking about her is ridiculous. She doesn’t live up to half the crap she was talking about in her fake toast to “real friends” herself.

The bottom line is what these two don’t realize is that this level of drama gets old quick because it’s not even realistic at this point. No one stays that angry all the time or is ready to fight every day, all day. One or two altercations might catch viewer’s attention but when taking off your shoes, pulling someone’s hair, and throwing drinks becomes part of your daily routine it just makes you look predictable, immature, and silly. Evelyn and Tami obviously don’t realize their life clock says they’re way too old to carry on like this, but they better pay attention to that 15-minute buzzer that’s ticking away because their time in the spotlight is just about up. Although I hate to say in the next year or two, I fully expect to see a VH1 anger management spin-off with all of its reality TV worst offenders under one roof and these two would definitely be the headliners. Throw in a little Chrissy Lampkin and you’ve got ratchet reality TV 101.