Tashera Simmons Discusses DMX and ‘Couples Therapy’


Working through a tumultuous relationship is a taxing feat. Add cameras, a rapper, a therapist and… viola! You’ve got a recipe for VH1’s Couples Therapy, an emotionally intense reality show that peeks into celebs’ dirty laundry.

DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons has accepted the mountainous challenge, openly and not-so-peacefully fighting for their love on the show that premieres Wednesday, March 21. Since teenagers, Simmons has been in love with the wild lyricist and unpredictable drug addict. Although DMX has spent several years in jail, Tashera has remained an anchor for the man she tells Power 105.1’s Cherry Martinez is bipolar.

“He definitely is bipolar. He switches up so much, but it’s like when I met him, he was Earl. And as he came into this industry, I’ve seen him turn into X and now it just got full blown. And it’s like, you already know, this industry is just so crazy. Now Earl is just…and it’s like, that’s who I’ve been holding onto for so long.”

See what else the soon-to-be author says about her relationship: