The Acceptance of Black Culture in Japan


The first time I skimmed over the title “Black Lifestyle in Japan,” I rolled my eyes without even meaning to. This was gonna be another one of those viral videos. You know, the ones where Black people are mocked by pale-skinned pranksters in blackface, bamboo earrings and homemade FUBU gear. Needless to say, I was in defensive mode.

Tuning in, however, I began to soften up. It was like, Hold up! They’re not making fun of us? They like us? No, they LOVE us! There is a whole B-girl movement going on in Japan. They tan, they frequent hip-hop clubs and they are avid students of Black culture as a whole! Even as I found myself chuckling at the extremes these girls go to (I can’t front, the micro braids kinda threw me for a loop), I was flattered! After thousands years of Black people just knowing that we are beautiful, we are phenomenal, we are talented and overall awesome, it was refreshing to hear it from a totally unexpected source, one that seemingly had nothing in common with me.

Check out the vid for yourself below!

What do you think, Vixens? Is the B-girl movement flattering or offensive?