The Criticism of Nicki Minaj is Tired and Perhaps Counterproductive


Once the LGBT community forgave and forgot about that fiasco, people deemed her influence on the female image irresponsible. Calling herself a “Barbie” was considered dangerous and detrimental to the self-esteem of young black girls, but it was far from dangerous to Nicki’s career. Mattel ignored the hate and created an official Nicki Minaj Barbie, which was sold for $5,605 at a charity auction.

Throughout it all, a lackluster beef was started with rap veteran Lil’ Kim who claimed that Nicki Minaj stole her style. Nicki Nick, however, continued to create diss records, adding fuel to Kimberly’s fire. Nonetheless, valid disappointment and outrage came on the heels of Nick’s “Stupid Hoe” video, another alleged diss record towards the Queen Bee. But before the criticism of “Stupid Hoe” made its rounds, Nicki broke the record on VEVO for having the highest first-day views ever, accruing 4.8 million views. Regardless of the record-breaking event, perhaps the swift criticism is the reason why BET banned the video.

Nicki is constantly criticized but seems to gain more fans and even more endorsements. While being on the verge of crossing over to becoming one of the biggest pop stars, Nicki snagged herself the title of spokesperson alongside Ricky Martin for MAC’s 2012 Viva Glam campaign. The multicolored wig-wearing future mogul just performed during halftime at the Super Bowl with Madonna and M.I.A. She even made her way to the Grammy’s and the NBA All-Star game in Orlando.

After just a few short years, Nicki Minaj is monopolizing the rap industry, and the doors have cracked open for a variety of female rappers again. Blogs and media outlets are consistently noting the endeavors of newbies Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea, Brianna the YRB, Nyemiah Supreme and more. It’s time to hop off the Nicki Minaj-bashing bandwagon. Thank her for reopening the door and highlight the myriad of alternatives to her.