The Transition: Quitting Your Job and Starting Your Passion Project


As for racking up the funds, understand that you need to keep the lights on and pay the bills. Partake in small side jobs to keep your account from going negative and split your assets accordingly. Build yourself a safe cushion before you completely do away with the stable paycheck. Doing what you love doesn’t mean sacrificing how you live.

The ends are just as important as the means of making your passion project a lucrative reality. Being financially savvy and building thick skin are valuable assets to have not just in business, but in life. It’s the type of hands-on experience you can’t get from being confined to a desk. Even if your products don’t become hot commodities as quick as you had hoped or the line isn’t around the block on opening night for your new venue, sometimes the most passionate people get knocked down before they knock out.

“Nothing is actually a failure, just a lesson,” she said. “You can’t be great without knowing your flaws and learning from them. There’s always room for a comeback, so long as you understand that you can only connect the dots looking backwards.”

So if you find yourself dragging your feet down a corporate brick road to a dead-end Oz that you don’t believe in, it may be time for a solo career. Many people take on the office life because there’s security in a three-walled cubicle, but it could become your own prison cell if it’s a position that lacks the stimulation, creativity and growth you crave in a dream job. When you build your own business, the doors that open are solely yours to go through.

The most important question to ask yourself is if not now, then when?

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