T.I. May Be Playing a Marvel Comics Superhero

Movies & TV

As the king of rap and reality TV, action star/superhero may be the next title on T.I.’s resume. In an interview with Forbes magazine, the Grand Hustle CEO hinted at a potential upcoming project.

“I will not let any cats out of any bags prematurely,” T.I. told me last week at South By Southwest, lounging with labelmate B.o.B in his tour bus.“[But] there is a Marvel Comics franchise that has been inquiring about my availability for quite some time.”

After being released from prison last fall, Tip wasted no time in getting back on the grind. He does reveal that he may be co-starring in a number of films alongside Omar Epps, Kevin Hart and Tom Cruise. In the meantime, the hustling family man will be sharpening his acting chops on the Showtime television show “Boss” with Kelsey Grammar as an ex-gangster looking to work for Chicago city hall.

“It’s my artist piece,” he says, grinning. “I’ll really get a chance to test my chops.”

Regardless of his personal endeavors, the music mentor will be preoccupied with his artists Iggy Azalea, who just released a snippet of their collaboration  “Murda Bizness” and B.o.B. “I’m more interested in what B.o.B and my other artists make,” he said. “I’m not really focusing as much on me as much I am on my artists right now.”

–Adelle Platon