Vixen Chat [Part 2]: Tionna Smalls Slams ‘Basketball Wives,’ Seeks to Uplift Women


VIBE VIXEN: What is it that you think black women are doing wrong?
TIONNA SMALLS: Giving up too much for love. Women give up too much of themselves for love. We give up our coochie, our mouth, our past, at times we give up our bread, and it’s gotta change. If I can’t save this generation, I will try to help the other generation and those girls coming up. I just do not like these women now.

With the younger girls, their is an issue of wanting to “claim” a man so quickly.
Ugh, girls are claiming everything these days. Very possessive these young girls are. Personally, I don’t want a young girl to be claimed. If you are 18 and under, you are too young to be claimed. I mean, I did it at a young age. But you have to ask yourself, Are you sad more than you are happy? Does your mother like him? Is he on your level? These are things that black women have to ask themselves. I’m writing a book for teenagers, and after I get a few more of these Pocketbook series out of the way, I’m going to write a book for the teenage girl. I’m gonna travel the world talking about it and like get serious with these teenager thing.

You’ve mentioned previously that crying in front of your man is a huge no-no, but why?
Take your ass in the shower and cry. You can’t be showing emotions to your man. You can’t cry in front of these people like that unless you maybe put in five or more years. But if it’s only been a few months, and you cry because he made you upset about something, he got you. It’s like playing cards, you don’t show your whole hand in spades. You showing your cards by crying, and he knows he got you.

So when is it okay to cry?
I don’t think you should cry over relationship issues. I know some people may think, She is such a hard ass bitch, but when you are first in a relationship, you don’t need to be doing those things. Crying aint gonna change the situation.