Vixen Chat [Part 1]: Tionna Smalls Talks ‘Men Love Abuse’ and Dating No-No’s


VIBE VIXEN: How do you feel about Musiq Soulchild writing a book on relationships?
TIONNA: I mean, I love Musiq. We were together last year at The Women’s Empowerment Conference, and we were discussing relationships. He has a good amount of knowledge, [but] I just feel like everyone is trying to jump on it now. Like, him, Tyrese and Steve Harvey, it’s all becoming a mess now. And it’s messing it up for people that do this for a living. There are a lot of guys that you guys don’t know about.

Like who? Who can you name that we should be on the lookout for?
You got Paul Brunson. He’s on the come-up! He is about to have his own show. Tony Gaskins. A lot of people know him on Twitter, but a lot of people don’t know him on the mainstream arena. It’s like all us relationship people should get together and record an album get make some money. [Laughs]

Now on that same note, there are popular relationship bloggers and writers in the mix. You have Demetrius Lucas, Jozen Cummings… What are your feelings on that angle?
I don’t think about them. I just do what I do. I’ve been doing this for awhile, and we are in two different arenas. I feel like we talk about the same stuff but don’t talk about the same stuff.

What are some things that you think qualifies a person as an expert?
That’s just a title that someone gives people like me. I don’t think I’m an expert; I’m more of a relationship coach. I’m going back to school to be a therapist because I’m really good at it, and I’m taking it seriously. I think what makes someone an expert is having their papers together. You aren’t an expert until you have all those things together, but if you are really good at this you will be able to influence, you are able to empower and you are able to lead people. I always put on Twitter, ‘I’m your leader,’ and I always say that because when it comes down to entrepreneurship and this relationship stuff, I’m the best that has ever did it. I mean as a young female.

It seems that people trust your opinion, especially since your appearances on What Chili Wants.
Because I keep it real, that’s why. and people don’t keep it real. That’s why I share my own story; I don’t write books that say, ‘Oh, you better do this and do that.’ I share stories of myself and others. Most of my books are 50 percent my life and 50 percent the life of others, so I’m learning.I definitely respect that you share your own stories. Now, you rag on the ” nice” girls when it comes to your new book. Have you ever been a nice girl?
I’ve never been a nice girl. I believe nice girls finish last. I mean it’s sad, but I believe you have to be [tough].