To Spank or Not to Spank


When finally, I couldn’t bite my tongue anymore, I demanded he come back to the table, knock off those video games, finish his food and wash the dishes. And guess what? He obliged. No back talk and snickering under his breath, none of that. This young man is a mild case compared to his brother, the couples’ Black adopted child, whom they’ve had since birth.

The eldest son has busted rounds with his BB gun in the house, threatened to bring physical bodily harm to his mothers, steal from his grandmother, his mothers, the neighbors. Did I mention he shot up the house? And here is the kicker: he’s rewarded with a hunting license and taken on several hunting trips throughout the year. This kid, who is now a college co-ed, get’s D’s and F’s, yet his tuition is still paid every semester. He has never had a job, and by a consensus of opinion, is an all around fuck-up.

Yeah, this is a problem. And it ain’t the kids, it’s the parents. In my humble opinion, if they would have been whipping that ass in the beginning, all of this blatant disrespect that they show to their parents and unwarranted mischief could have been circumvented. To be sure, hitting is not the only means of disciplining a child, but it should not be overlooked as an option.

What say you? When it comes to discipline do you believe in or practice spanking? Where do you draw the line between beating and spanking?

Phelean Jean