Throw It Out! Knowing When to Toss Your Makeup


Everything is starting anew for spring and we need to freshen our beauty stock! Our favorite makeup brands are releasing their spring-inspired collections, so take time out to examine what needs to be tossed from your current cosmetic repertoire. All makeup has a shelf life and the expiration date should never be ignored. Here are a few simple guidelines to live by when it comes to your endless pit of products!

Common Sense!
Your two of your key senses to determine whether your makeup is Michael Jackson bad or not. Take a reasonable sniff, and if it doesn’t quite have that clinical aroma, toss it! Anything rancid must go. Also, simply take a long look at your product. Has the color faded? Is there a residue lurking in or around the tube? If you can answer “yes” to either questions, it’s time to replenish your favorite cosmetic gem.

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