Throw It Out! Knowing When to Toss Your Makeup


Don’t Share!
I know, I know. Your best friend is short on an eyeliner and you’re her go-to girl for all things beauty. But guess what? Letting her use even one swipe of your fave mascara allows her eye bacteria to fester on your brush! Do not share, Vixens. It’s best to just stock your homegirl’s supply on those shopping trips you love to take.

Always, always, always pay attention to expiration dates!

Compact foundation: 18 months
Concealer: 12-18 months
Powder: 2 years
Blush and bronzer: 2 years
Powder eyeshadow: 2 years
Cream eyeshadow: 1 year
Eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid eyeliner: 3 months
Mascara: 3 months
Lipstick and lip liner: 2 years
Lip gloss: 18-24 months

Did we leave anything out, Vixens? What other guidelines do you swear by when it come to your makeup?

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