Trey Songz Portrays Two Lifestyles in ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’ [VIDEO]


Men and women make decisions every day, never knowing which one will land them in the arms of “The One.”

Trey Songz sheds light on just that for his latest Juwan Lee-directed visuals ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love,’ a smooth love song from Inevitable EP. In the 4-minute clip, Songz shows two sides of men and the lifestyles they choose.

Songz exclusively tells Essence,”In life you make decisions, and you never get to see what would happen if you made a different choice.”

Lee continues, “We see two sides of Trey. There’s a ‘Sex Trey’ who meets all these different girls and his storyline moves seamlessly but the girls change in and out. The other story is a love story, where Trey meets a beautiful girl at a party and we see the development of their relationship.”

Watch the video below!

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