Turning Your Haters Into Motivators


You’re at the top of your game. You’re successful, sought-out, the whole nine yard. Or maybe you possess a special ability or opportunity. Whatever the case, you are more than happy to communicate the news of your goings-on which is sure to attract a few haters. Haters, you know? Those people whose intent it is to bring you down a peg or two– fraught by jealousy, or whatever it is they seek, they nick-pick at any small indication of imperfection to satisfy their hate. Somehow they always want to be in the know-how when it comes to you and your accomplishments or special abilities, which is sure to get a few raised eye brows and confused uh-huhs.

Attracting the attention of haters is a piece of cake but actually dealing with one can be quite tricky. Why? No one wants to put themselves in a position where they allow another person to bring out their angry persona, but at the same time, it’s always a good option to let others know where you stand, and a good way of doing that is to begin using your haters as motivation. The terms “hater” and “motivation” may appear to be polar opposites, but the two operate pretty well together. What better way of communicating “talk to the hand” than to show them how well you press forward toward your goals. Turning your haters into motivators may not be an easy task but it can be done. And here’s how:

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