Turning Your Haters Into Motivators


Tip 1: Stop Trying to Understand Them
Until recently, I use to burden myself trying to figure out why I was the target of Haterville, and what was being said about me; this left me in a constant state of overanalyzing, confrontations, and “he said…she said” drama. Instead of wasting energy trying to understand them, use this as motivation to focus your attention elsewhere.

Tip 2: Avoid Losing Your Cool
Don’t allow them to change your persona. Use this as motivation to be the bigger person.

Tip 3: Put Them on Pause
Ignore them plain and simple. The talking behind your back and negativity is just to get a good reaction out of you. Don’t give them the satisfaction; use this as motivation to continue your day as it never even fazed you. Pretty soon they’ll get the message.

Tip 4: Don’t Allow Them Get in the Way of Your Success
Remember haters are delighted to see you fall short of your goals. Don’t allow them. Stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

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