Tyga Reveals Possible Motives Behind Concert Shooting: “There Was Bunch of Drama Going On”

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Violence ensued earlier this week after Tyga’s show in Omaha, Nebraska. The rapper lost his cool when an anonymous concert-goer threw a bottle at the stage. Tyga urged the audience member to come forward, egging him on to come ‘see him’ outside after the show.

While leaving the venue, gunmen fire at Tyga’s van. Two members of his crew suffered minor injuries, one of them being his artist Honey Cocaine. The wounded artist tweeted Tuesday morning, “Got shot and I’m not dead. #LoveLifeAndGod.”

Tyga called into LA’s Power 106 to speak on the incident. “I’m not paranoid about this. You don’t understand… This doesn’t happen, these aren’t fans. This situation escalated because I wanted to do the show,” he explained. “I was dealing with the same people from the beginning of the day, before the show even started. They wanted to cancel the show. There was a bunch of drama going on already.”

He went on to explain a mishap that took place earlier in the day with some local artists that were unable to perform on the tour.

Tyga says Honey Cocaine is recovering well and things are moving along smoothly with the rest of the tour.