UPDATE: Max B’s Label Says the Rapper Heads Back to Court in April

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In unfortunate news for the wavy fans out there, Max B’s appeal has been denied.

The rapper, who is serving time in a New Jersey jail for murder and robbery charges, will not be eligible for parole until Nov. 9, 2042, according to RapDose. He was found guilty on 9 of 11 counts of robbery and murder in 2009, and has been in jail ever since.

Max was best known for his work with Jim Jones and his catch phrase “wavy.”

Update via Via Smokeing Section:

We reached out to Next, Amalgam Digital’s C.E.O., to shed light on the report that says Max won’t step outside a prison until November, 9, 2042. Next notes while the reports of Max’s appeal denial being are anything but true, he takes responsibility for the miscommunication. “I saw bunch of people tweeting about it on my time line so I commented on it not realizing it was just a rumor. The websites look to me as a credible source, so they quoted my tweet and ran with the story. I should’ve known better than to believe the hype,” he said. To further prove the story circulating held no merit, he hopped on the phone with Max and his mother and had this message to relay from The Wavy One himself. “This was just a test from God. A battle cry. A call to arms. I’m bullet proof. And I’m coming out on my grown man shit.” The truth is the real verdict will not be delivered until April.