UPTOWN Editorial: Trayvon Martin Is Emmett Till


By Mark Thompson

Trayvon Martin is Amadou Diallo is Johnny Gammage is Sean Bell is Oscar Grant is Ramarley Graham is any and all African American men slain because of the color of their skin. But he is also different in that all of those African American men were killed by the police. Trayvon was killed by a civilian. So, really, Trayvon is Emmett Till.

Trayvon and Emmett were teenagers. Both were visiting relatives. Both were murdered by civilians. Both were missing for three days. But here is where Trayvon’s case takes a departure from Emmett’s: Emmett was accused, wrongfully, of course, of whistling at a white woman, and, thus, violating a white supremacist social more of that era. What did Trayvon do? Nothing. He was just there. Trayvon was killed simply for Being While Black.

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