V Exclusive! Big K.R.I.T. Talks Inspiration Behind ‘4 Foreva N A Day,’ His Frustrations, and Debut


It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard southern hip-hop like Big K.R.I.T. His style is a soulful mesh of country twang and samples to make your heart relive nostalgic splendors. Mississippi’s own is trailblazing his own path through an industry clouded with luxurious swag rap.The fans aren’t looking for any more pretenders, but a voice to relate to and bring comfort to their every day lives… the normal people stuff, and that’s just what he plans to do.

As we anxiously await Big K.R.I.T.’s major label debut, the MC/producer whet our appetite a bit with his new mixtape 4 Eva N A Day. In his  recent interview with VIBE.com, K.R.I.T. Speaks to us about the drive behind his new mixtape, the frustrations of his career and his major label debut. –Jolie Sanchez

You just dropped 4 Eva N A Day, an incredible piece of work might I add, what drove you creatively?
For the most part just being able to go on tour for Return of 4 Eva and see the music impacted as far as performing, I think helped drive a lot of the music I made for this for one. On a production level, we definitely wanted to dive into obscure samples and wanted it to be a little more honest.  4 Eva N A Day is more about my life than any of the projects because I decided it to be a “day in the life of “ album. It’s really supposed to be the sequel to Return of 4 Evaand I wanted to do something conceptual. That’s really my father talking in the beginning, that’s actual audio of my grandmother talking in the beginning of “Yesterday.” I wanted it to be a personal project.
What mind state were you in when you were writing and recording? Would you say you were vulnerable?
I like to think of it like…there’s not a lot of footage of me just walking to my city or making beats and things of that nature. I really wanted to put my life on wax. Music is definitely art…I was like ‘Man, what if I created a whole album and it all tied into itself and it was well thought out.’ If you look at the artwork on the back, depending on what color or hue the song title is, lets you know what part of the day that song is better fit to be played. From doing the “Wake Up” song and having the conversation from my pops,  then rapping about the conversation we had on “Handwriting,” getting into an argument with my girl per-say on  “Red Eye,” then apologizing and making up with her on “Insomnia.” But then talking about how I don’t like picking up the phone in “Sky Club.” I really wanted to make a project and showcase the fact that if you got three minutes and twenty seconds of someone’s attention when it comes to a song, it’s so much you can do with it.
The production on this project had a very soulful nature…
That’s what has always been a part of my music as far as the soul and the grit and being country and being honest. It’s one of those things where a lot of the samples that I chose to use, I just really liked how they meshed with the drum patterns. It was so much easier for me to write and create to them. Even “1986” got a bounce to it but I still decided to go to a sample aspect with that. “Insomnia” was a record that doesn’t have a sample on it but it still gives you the feel that it might. I always wanted to create music that felt warm and reminded you of a place or time, something you’ve heard before.

A Day I’m at the bar at that time and I’m promising the bartender, like I’ma drinker. It sums up the whole idea of when I get to the “Handwriting” record I’m drinking a lot and really don’t mind telling you what’s on my mind, these things that have ben bothering me. The record is more about me and my ups and downs with putting out free projects and not dropping my album on time and dealing with people not being a hundred percent sure if “Country Shit” was really the right record for me to run with or trying to prove myself and being from Mississippi and trying to explain to people just because you come from the country doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent. Just dealing with all my emotions on one song. And normally when people talk about a lot of different thoughts at one time they have a vice they’re dealing with and we’re talking about like smoking or drinking.
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