V Exclusive! Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Talk ’21 Jump Street’

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The charming Channing Tatum and hysterical Jonah Hill sat down with VIBE to discuss the film 21 Jump Street. The two team up for a hilarious action packed film as undercover high school kids trying to make a drug bust. 

Based on the late ’80s television show, the two pay homage to the original and of course put their own twist on it.

“We really just took the idea of being young looking cops going back to high school and getting to relive your hight school days, what would you do differently? That was the big idea,” stated Jonah.

Watch as the two discuss their roles, and Jonah shares that some of the scenes from the film were based on real life experiences.

Check out the interview below and the film in theaters today, March 16.