V Exclusive! Honey Cocaine Thanks Fans for Support: “There’s Nothing More I Could Ask For”

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Burgeoning female MC Honey Cocaine is a survivor. Last week, VIBE reported on the rapper being shot in the arm after gunmen opened fire on Tyga’s tour bus. Thankfully, Honey is making a full recovery and is already back on the road. VIBE sat down with the Toronto native prior to the shooting for an exclusive interview. Check out a snippet from our convo below. –Tyler McDermot

VIBE: What would you say is your ultimate goal as an artist?

Honey Cocaine: I just want to be big. I want to be everywhere. I want every single person to know Honey Cocaine. I want my face to be everywhere. I want to be an icon! I think I have the potential to do that as long as I keep the right people around me, keep the right mindset and stay motivated, It’s the hunger I have right now; I promise to my fans, my hunger will never die. That’s where people go wrong. They get comfortable. There’s always something left to do.

How does it feel to have such a loyal fan base?

It’s like the best feeling in the world, knowing that when I speak, rap, or make comments, people are listening to me. It’s such a great feeling, like I’m not alone. There’s people who love me, can relate to me, and there’s nothing more I could ask for from #TeamHoneyCocaine.

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