V Exclusive! Jennifer Williams on Basketball Wives – ‘I Hope They Don’t Just Show The Drama’

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VIBE caught up with Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives to chat about the new season and the drama. She was mum about her situation with Evelyn, which viewers will watch unfold, but she explained what she learned by losing friendship, talked about the progress (or lack thereof) with her divorce and her various business ventures.

What was your experience like taping Basketball Wives in New York?

For me, at first, it was really different filming in New York because I’m so used to Miami but it was actually good because I had just moved not too long ago, so I was getting settled in my place in New Jersey and it was good to be home and film. I think we filmed for almost two months, so it was good. I’m from New Jersey and I got used to being home. When I went to Miami to film, I was a little sad. I had a good time filming in New York.

What have you learned about yourself with the changes going on with you in terms of your love life and your friendship with Evelyn?

I think this past year, I’ve had to make a lot of decisions when it came down to my personal life. For me, one decision was I don’t want any drama surrounding me and I’m trying to be happy, so I’m trying to eliminate all drama from my life. At this point no one is really exempt and really the biggest lesson I learned is just I have to do whatever I need to do to make Jennifer happy.

Is the divorce from Eric officially finalized?

No. I wish I could tell you the divorce is final but it’s not. We’re still going through the process. It’s just it’s a long process. To be honest with you, he’s been kinda dragging it out a little bit. I just got an email from my attorney like, ok, what is he doing? So, I actually need to shoot him over a quick text because he’s kinda dragging out the process.

With that being said, have we seen the last of him on the show?

I have not filmed with him but we still have another seven weeks to go. He hasn’t filmed but you never know with Basketball Wives, there’s always twists and turns and surprises, so don’t quote me on that.

If that happened, I hope things would be ok considering what happened with him throwing the drink on you.

That was the last time I saw him. He threw a drink in my face and I have not seen him since.

Do you think things would have ended differently had you not been on-camera?

Absolutely. When you get on-camera, people’s egos get involved, and I don’t think it would have ended like that because he had never done anything like that before, so I was completely in shock. I don’t think that that would’ve happened if there were no cameras around.

What’s going on with your businesses?

I’ve been throwing myself into work because that’s how I kinda deal with this whole situation with drama and everything I’ve been going through. It’s a good distraction and it’s also something positive. I do have my business, Flirty Girl Fitness and we actually just opened another location in Chicago and that’s going really well, so I’m happy about that. And Lucid Cosmetics, my lip gloss, is definitely my little baby and I’m going through my ups and downs but it’s definitely on a good track and we’re growing. I’m really proud of that because when I started it I was going through the whole divorce and drama. So, to see it actually come to life for me is a huge accomplishment because I’ve seen it from start to finish. I’m really, really proud of that and I’m definitely looking to expand. Bobbi Brown is one of my inspirations because she actually started with 10 lipsticks in Bergdorf Goodman and had like 100 pieces, and didn’t think she was gonna sell it in a month but actually sold it in a day. And four years later she got bought out by Estee Lauder. So, I think she’s like a huge inspiration to me.

Random question, would you compete on Celebrity Apprentice?

Absolutely. I know it’s really, really hard mainly because a good friend of mine (Ne Ne) told me it’s the schedule is grueling. And another friend of mine, Selita Ebanks was on it, and I know it’s very, very difficult but I like to put myself up to challenges and I would absolutely love to do Celebrity Apprentice.

Going back to Basketball Wives, from what you’ve experienced so far with taping, what can fans expect from this next season?

This season definitely has a lot of twists and turns and is probably going to be a lot of things that people would never expect. It’s always funny because I feel like every season, I’m saying this but just when you think it can’t get any crazier, it really does, so it’s definitely one of those seasons where you can’t make this stuff up, like, “Is this really happening?” But you have to think about the fact that we’ve been filming for quite some time and when you put seven girls together for five months, there’s bound to be drama because women can be very catty. A lot of times, people think that our show is scripted but it’s not. This stuff really happened and for me, it’s like I’ve lived my life with all this drama surrounding me. I feel like the show is so drama-driven and I get it, people want to see drama but I just hope that with this season, there’s a little more of a balance, because not only myself but the other woman are doing other things as well outside of Basketball Wives, so I just hope that the show can show some of that and not just all this drama. But make sure you tune in because it’s definitely one of those seasons you don’t want to miss.